Construction and Industrial Drones

Cable Laying Barge Inspection
Aerial imaging, architecture, precision agriculture, electrical inspections, search and rescue,

Construction & Marine Drone Services

We have extensive experience in the construction field. We have worked all over the country to help construction companies with a variety of needs. Most recently RI Drone was the chosen drone operator, working over 6 months to help document the US's first offshore wind turbine project overseen by Deep Water Wind in Block Island, RI.

  • ‍Job site overview & progress reports.
  • Job site HD survey's on demand as the job site progresses.
  • 3D mapping.
  • Land and site survey's.
  • Tower and electrical system inspections.
  • Insurance claim inspections.
  • Milestone completion documentation with aerial imaging and video.
  • Real-time streaming allows a remote office to see view progress or conduct inspections from anywhere in the world with zero delay.
  • Corporate media and contruction related pr videos.

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